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making an aranáz

Behind The Bag

From start to finish, an ARANÁZ bag is meticulously crafted by hand, making each piece special and unique.


ARANAZ takes pride in developing local weaving livelihood communities and telling the Filipino story to the world.

Proudly Filipino

It is a conscious effort of the company to work with local materials and craftsmen in creating our products. ARANAZ values innovation and continuous research. We continually discover new materials and partners throughout the country.
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Did You Know?

Each ARANAZ bag symbolizes an interweaving of various handmade traditions from provinces and communities throughout the Philippines. The design and production process of each piece is equally as intricate as the visual aesthetic signature the brand is known for. It involves a web of processes and travels throughout the Philippines. Sourcing, raw material research, technique development, manufacturing and assembly that has touched Filipino hands from various regions all come together in each piece.

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